Growing companies are full of new challenges, and it’s the employees who must shoulder the changing tasks within it. Working in the Hilliard warehouse, which is the second biggest warehouse in Advanced Turf Solutions and is the hub to the eastern section of the company, is full of these changing tasks. It takes great adaptability to flourish in a large and growing workplace like Hilliard and ATS, but this month’s spotlighted employees do not have a problem taking it on. They are vital in keeping the warehouse not only running, but thriving. Let’s meet them.

Steve Patton, Employee Since 2010

Steve has enjoyed working in the turf industry for a large portion of his life. He has gained experience in the industry working on a golf course, with an athletic maintenance company, and with a turf industry distributor before finding a home at ATS. At ATS, Steve works in purchasing; ensuring the amounts of products needed have been accounted for. He also helps with several other aspects of operations, including routing deliveries.

1.What do you like most about your job?
“I like the variety. It keeps me on my toes. It’s a challenge trying to complete different tasks every day.”

2.What is your strongest talent?
“My memory is very good. I have had friends and work colleagues ask me several times, “how do you remember all of that?” One specific instance involved a meeting with my work colleagues. I was in a meeting and I could recall the details from the previous year’s early order. I knew what we bought and where those products went.”

3.Who is your personal hero?
“My personal hero is Joel Salatin. He is a farmer, who practices sustainability. He believes in reusing resources and not doing damage to the environment. I am trying to practice this, also, with my five and one half acres at home (I have crops and chickens).”

4.What is your perfect pizza?
“It is called the Ultimate at Gahanna Pizza Plus on the east side of Columbus. It has mushrooms and three different kinds of pepperonis. I do not normally like mushrooms, but I do on this pizza.”

5.What is one unique thing about yourself?
“I am a craft beer fanatic and I want to open up a microbrewery. One of my favorite beers is called Zombie Dust.”

John Fleeman, Employee Since 2005

Prior to ATS, John was a teacher for 35 years. When he started at ATS, he knew little of the turf industry. However, today he knows our products and how to apply them. John is responsible for contacting customers about deliveries and making the drivers aware of any special circumstances. He also takes care of picking products for delivery and the stocking and restocking of products at the warehouse.

1.What is your favorite part of your job?
“Interacting with co-workers and customers. I enjoy talking with our customers and have built relationships with many of them. Some of the customers I speak with I have never seen in person and would not know them if they stood right in front of me, but I know what they like and are expecting from us.”

2. What is your best characteristic?
“I am a really hard worker and a man of my word. I will do what I say I am going to do.”

3. Name two things you love the most.
“I love my family and friends the most. During my life, I have learned to cherish them, and my moments, with them. Spending time with my grandson and teaching him different things is wonderful.”

4. What is your go to dance move?
“I can’t dance, but I do love to watch others dance.”

5. Do you have a sweet tooth or savory tooth?
“I have a sweet tooth. I really like dark chocolate and a cake my mother used to make for my birthday. It was a white or yellow cake with chocolate ice cream.”