This time of year, some sports fields are home to a couple of unwanted visitors: nutsedge and goosegrass. 

Yellow nutsedge is a perennial weed that emerges in late spring and grows throughout the summer. It thrives in moist conditions, so you may find it in areas of your field with poor drainage. Yellow nutsedge has triangular stems, tall flowerheads, and yellow seeds.

Goosegrass is an annual weed that germinates in the spring and thrives in the summer heat. It does best in sparse grass mowed short, giving it plenty of room to grow and soak up the sun. Goosegrass is dark green with a white center.

Cultural practices help minimize nutsedge and goosegrass on your field, but curative solutions are available to help if weeds are already present.

For nutsedge control, Dismiss NXT is a good option. It contains two active ingredients that work to increase tuber mortality. Adequate soil moisture improves performance, as does a 24-hour period without rainfall or irrigation after application. 

For goosegrass control, consider Acclaim Extra. It provides rapid foliar absorption, stimulating weed chlorosis and eventually death. Be sure that you have thorough application coverage to see the best results.

It’s not too late to get a nutsedge or goosegrass invasion under control. With the help of post-emergent herbicides, you can reclaim your field from a summer weed infestation. Reach out to your Advanced Turf Solutions representative to make a game plan today.