January and February is the time to consider your golf course’s accessories needs.  Once March arrives, the volume of orders increases exponentially, as does the chance of having an item on back order.  Traditionally, this is particularly a problem with customized screen print and embroidered flags.

Our primary suppliers, Standard Golf and Par Aide, have once again warned us to get orders in early! They, like all manufactuers, have limited production capabilities that can lead to order back logs during the peak seasons.  Orders that take 10 to 14 days prior to March can take up to six weeks from March 1st through the middle of June.

Right now, Advanced Turf is running our annual early order pricing promotion on Par Aide and Standard Golf accessories.  By purchasing now through February 28th, you can save money and avoid the spring rush!  Have questions? Want more information? Contact me or your ATS sales representative.