It’s almost time to celebrate the new year—but first, a look back at the new products that made an entrance in 2021.


Labor Efficient Program products contain Duration CR®, which provides an extended, steady release of nitrogen over a long period of time. The result is a healthier plant with less environmental impact. The Labor Efficient Program products are as follows:

Nature Safe 18-0-2 Coarse W/AS & Stabilized N & Foliar-Pak Armament contains three forms of nitrogen: animal protein for an organic base of bioavailable nutrition, ammonium sulfate for a quick color response, and stabilized urea for a long-lasting controlled release. It provides a controlled release of microbe-feeding sugars and carbohydrates plus Armament to increase nutrient uptake and unlock tied-up soil nutrients.


Densicor is a fungicide built to tackle the toughest diseases across the golf course while providing remarkable turf safety. It features all the qualities you need in a great fairway fungicide while also delivering powerful efficacy for greens applications.

Encartis Fungicide is a dual-active fairway solution that provides long-lasting (up to 28 days) protection. It provides preventative and curative control of dollar spot and ten other key foliar diseases.

Kalida Fungicide is a powerful duo of active ingredients fluindapyr (a novel SDHI) and flutriafol (next-generation DMI). It is effective on both warm- and cool-season turfgrasses and is labeled for golf courses, industrial sites, and commercial sites.

Kalmor is a fungicide/bactericide that provides broad-spectrum prevention and control of diseases in ornamentals and greenhouse vegetables. It’s also approved for organic production.


Finale XL T&O is a non-selective, contact herbicide formulated for spot treatments and precision edging along walkways, cart paths, fences, and landscape beds. It delivers fast control of the toughest weeds at lower use rates than prior formulations.


Alucion 35 WG is an insecticide that provides dual-action, curative control of golf course insects. It is currently the only non-restricted use pyrethroid labeled for golf courses.

SymTREE EB is a lower pressure micro tree injection solution for control of the Emerald Ash Borer. Inject via the SymTREE Injection Device, which can be reloaded with pre-filled disposable SymPODS.

Tetrino is an insecticide that provides flexible application timing and broad-spectrum control of multiple turf insects. It features both rapid plant uptake and translocation, with excellent residual efficacy.


EutroSORB Phosphorus Filtration Technology is a water filtration technology specifically designed for intercepting soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) from moving water. It offers an efficient and economical solution to reduce phosphorus inputs, slow down or stop the eutrophication process, and restore water quality.

Foliar-Pak Pond Additive is a nanoparticle polymeric silicic acid designed specifically to feed the naturally occurring diatoms in ponds, lakes, and other small bodies of water. These species of microalgae are clear and produce oxygen—meaning the more they grow, the better the body of water looks. As it’s not designed to kill anything, the additive is safe to use in all bodies of water.

Solarous is a chromatic plant enhancer that combines reflective ingredients and innovative surfactant systems. It gives your surfaces a distinct appearance and protects turf health by reflecting UV radiation.

Steel Green Manufacturing

The SG Rake is an attachment that can dethatch and seed in one pass. It has an easily adjustable down pressure for overseeding an existing lawn or preparing bare ground for seeding a new lawn.

The newly redesigned foot-activated parking brake will come standard on 2022 Steel Green spreader/sprayers. With the redesign, wheel motors have integrated drum brakes on both sides that can be activated with the operator’s foot rather than by hand.

The pressure control system is a customization option designed to maintain the desired spray pressure while turning on and off the spray nozzles.

The hillside stability system is a customization option designed to lock and unlock the front caster wheels for added hillside stability. The patent-pending technology is available as an option for new machines or retrofitting on older machines.

The 12′ Adjustable Boom is a customization option that provides an adjustable spray width of up to 12’ and is available on the SG52 and SG46.