Breakthrough technology, upgraded formulations, and new products were introduced in 2016 to the growing Foliar-Pak product line. Let’s review the year before we look ahead to 2017.

Earlier this year, Foliar-Pak manufacturer, EnP, introduced a new amino acid formulation designed to maximize the genetic potential of turfgrass through the production of anti-stress compounds, protein development, and photosynthetic activity. Foliar-Pak Foundation Forty was released as a new amino acid concentrate featuring the breakthrough technology, and eight existing Foliar-Pak products were upgraded with the new formula. These products now contain at least double the amino acids and many have lower use rates than previous versions.

Armament technology inspired several new products including Foliar-Pak Armament K 0-0-24 and Foliar-Pak Armament P 3-12-2. Introduced in 2015, Armament technology prevents nutrient-to-nutrient interactions and chemical changes in the spray tank and the soil, ensuring predictable nutrient availability and increasing uptake by 20-30%.

EnP partnered with Holganix to bring to market two new non-refrigerated probiotic products containing beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizae, amino acids, and Foliar-Pak’s Armament technology. Holganix PB1 is labeled for golf course use and Holganix PB1 LTO for lawns, trees, and ornamentals.

A granular fertilizer coating, Foliar-Pak Armament ZnB, was released and applied to select Advanced Turf Solutions professional turf fertilizers for improved efficiencies and increased nutrient uptake. Foliar-Pak Caliber, a new micronized calcium powder, and Foliar-Pak BioDrive, a humic acid supplement, were also added to the Foliar-Pak lineup.

Check out the complete product line-up in the new 2017 Foliar-Pak catalog, and find turf health programs used by some of the most prestigious courses in the world.

Foliar-Pak has become the ultimate nutrition system, striking a balance of superior performance, economics, and sustainability. EnP will continue its commitment to innovation and research, weaving practical replicated field trials with high-level scientific research. With the promise to bring unique data and molecules centered around modified amino acid structures, 2017 stands to be an exciting year for EnP and the Foliar-Pak line of products. Stay tuned for new research and the continued development of the Foliar-Pak product line!