Mini ring (Rhizoctonia zeae) on Bermudagrass greens can be a scary thing! Learn more about preventing and treating mini ring with this FAQ.

When does mini ring show up?

Mini ring, also known as leaf spot, usually shows up late summer and into the fall months. Low nitrogen inputs and slow-growing Bermuda are susceptible to mini ring.

Urea or ammonium sulfate as the nitrogen source?

Spoon feeding with nitrogen (N) and Urea being your N source has shown to be very beneficial on mini ring. Research has shown that ammonium sulfate as the nitrogen source actually increased the symptoms of the disease.

What about preventative treatments?

Preventive treatments are critical and need to start in the spring when daytime temperatures reach 85 degrees and continued through the fall. Rotating Mirage Stressgard and ProStar have shown good results. Zoxy 2 SC and Zoxy-T watered-in right after application with .5 inches of water have shown good results as well. In addition, BASF Maxtima and BASF Navicon also work well. Both products should be watered in immediately after spraying.