With constant budget limitations, sports field managers at every level are looking for the most efficient ways to get things done. Linemark paint is one such solution, as it goes farther than other line marking paints — but only if you apply it with the right nozzles. Linemark’s cone nozzles use less paint than flat fan nozzles while still leaving bright, crisp lines on your field.

Just how efficient is the Linemark system? Below is the paint consumption, in gallons, of each of the four different nozzle sizes (colors) at three different speeds, informed by TinyMobileRobots. 


Slow: 1.64 feet/second

Medium: 2.3 feet/second

High: 3.28 feet/second

Consumption for soccer and football fields is included.


[table id=9 /]



[table id=10 /]

Knowing the consumption rates of the different nozzles allows you to budget and buy accordingly. And with the efficiency of Linemark and TinyMobileRobots products, you can save paint — and money — while achieving beautifully lined fields. Contact your local ATS representative with any questions about this line marking system.

Brian French
Sales Representative