There have been many weather-related challenges along the way so far this year. Our May and June rains would have made Noah wish he had a bigger boat. This was followed by a fairly significant drought in most of our geographies. Needless to say, some of the desirable turf has been sent to the big sod farm in the sky (rest in peat). Now that the remaining turf is starting to recover, we are beginning to realize the aftermath of these events. Not only is some of the turf blotchy and thinned out, but it has also been invaded by grassy and broadleaf weeds. Seems gloomy, huh? Since we cannot control the weather, we need to make the best of it right?

All lawn care companies are subjected to the same environmental struggles, so they will be faced with the same challenges. So here we all are, looking at the lawns that did not come completely back. I view these seasons as a great opportunity for those looking to add revenue and even new customers. As a former LCO, the fall has always been my favorite time of the year because we can make great strides in building and repairing thin or damaged turf stands. Due to this fact, it is a great time to have a fall sales campaign! Aeration, overseeding, and slit seeding are just some of the add-on services that will be in high demand. This does not include the opportunity you will have adding on new customers that were not happy with their current companies. You have the ability to look like a hero to them as we all know a couple applications in the fall can make a huge impact. Everyone loves a hero!

So now that the weather of ’15 has handed us lemons, what do you do? You can either take a big sour bite, squirt juice in your eyes, or make some refreshing lemonade. Seems to be an easy choice…happy selling!