If you have been in the lawn care business for any amount of time, you have probably had customers calling in and complaining that their lawn looks thin and they have crabgrass and/or broadleaf weed breakthrough. While these might be distressing things to hear, there is an opportunity that comes along with them. This time of year is excellent for selling your customers on adding aeration and overseeding to their program. These customers making complaints are the ones most in need of this service. Make sure you explain to your customers that, although you are providing them with an excellent lawn care program, the aeration and overseeding is the most important part of a healthy lawn care program.

After your customers have approved adding aeration and overseeding to their program, make sure you put down a good fertilizer to get the seed started. I suggest using one of our Healthy Grow + Holganix granular fertilizers such as the HG 2-4-3 or the HG 10-3-2.

Also, do not forget about a winterizer application (this is almost as important as the aeration and overseeding). Applying a good winterizer fertilizer, such as ATS 34-0-4, will help ensure the new grass can survive the winter and thrive the following spring.