As the fall begins fading into early winter, we want to start planning our end-of-the-year mowing schedule. You will want to have your lawn mowed short as we enter into winter. However, do not cut it all off at one time.

When you think you have about three mowings left in the season, start lowering your cutting height one notch each week, so your last mowing is as low as you want it to be. This will reduce the amount of winterkill that can occur and the potential of pink snow mold.

Fall equipment maintenance is essential, too. Remember to change the oil in your mowers, blowers, and other four-cycle engines now rather than in the spring. It is also an excellent time to have your blades sharpened and balanced to avoid the rush that will occur in the spring if you are having it done by a mower shop.

Don’t forget one last sidewalk edging. You want to keep those sidewalks looking sharp throughout the winter season. Also, remember to replace your edger blades and change the oil on your edger now. You will be glad you did come springtime.