While most turfgrass managers stop applications of soil surfactants on fine turfgrass areas soon after the summer stress periods end, there are many benefits of making a soil surfactant application in the late fall prior to the ground freezing.

Keeping our soil moisture at the proper levels during the fall will help with root growth and photosynthesis and maximize carbohydrate production; all are important factors for the health of our turfgrass. These applications will also aid in the reduction of localized dry spots (LDS) that often go undetected in the late fall as they do not always show symptoms on the surface of these areas. However, these LDS areas do not allow for maximum root growth and could affect the turf’s ability to survive the winter.

Surface symptoms of localized dry spot are seen on this golf green.

This fall application will maximize any natural precipitation that you receive, rain or snow. It will also aid in allowing any excess moisture to get through the soil profile, keeping it at the proper ratio and removing water from a surface during periods of freezing and thawing.

In the spring, with the soil surfactant still in the turf’s system, it produces maximum growing conditions for improving spring green-up of these turfgrass areas. Consult with your ATS sales representative and allow us to advise you on a soil surfactant application this fall that works on your fine turfgrass areas.

Have a great fall and enjoy the great color of the season!