Zoysiagrass doesn’t require a lot of fertilizer inputs or as much water as cool-season grasses. It’s also not susceptible to many diseases or insect problems. So, relatively speaking, zoysiagrass is easier to maintain than some other grasses. However, it would be best if you did a few things during the season to make sure it stays healthy.

In the spring, try to avoid too many herbicide applications during the transition out of dormancy. These applications can slow green-up and, in some cases, thin the turf.

When treating for large patch, use that as an opportunity to add some nutrients into the tank. Foliar-Pak Carbosential Fe Turbo, Amperage, or Armament Concentrate are great additions that don’t cost a great deal.

In late spring, begin scouting for adult billbugs. Treating the adults is an inexpensive way to avoid trouble from the billbug larvae later in the year.

Manage moisture levels. Using penetrants during the season will help alleviate problems in both overly wet and overly dry areas.

Shade will limit zoysia growth. Shady areas should be mapped, and a plan should be made to reduce the shade in the off-season through trimming or selective removal of nearby trees. Applications of Foliar-Pak Foundation Forty can help alleviate reduced zoysia growth from shade during the season.

Reduce thatch through core aeration once the zoysia is fully growing. Typically, this is done in June.