Over the past several years, there have been many new ornamental disease management products introduced in the marketplace that have created the ability for arborists to provide exceptional results.

However, most of the products introduced fall into the same fungicide categories and have the same Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) ratings. If used repeatedly, we can see a decline in performance.

One of the best strategies we can implement to protect ourselves and our customers against resistance is to tank-mix or rotate fungicide products with different FRAC ratings. Two effective strategies to reduce or prevent resistance are rotating chemistries or tank-mix products that provide contact control with systemic products.

One of the new products we are offering at Advanced Turf Solutions is Kalmor. Kalmor is a copper-based fungicide/bactericide, has a FRAC designation of M1, and is unique amongst today’s products. Copper is one of the oldest fungicides and is used in many markets for decades. Applying this chemistry in an ornamental disease management program is an effective way to minimize resistance development.

Kalmor is OMRI listed (certified for use in organic programs) and controls fungal and bacterial diseases, including fire blight. It provides curative and preventative control in ornamentals, small fruits, tree crops, vegetables, vines, and citrus. Kalmor is formulated in an easily dissolvable 46% copper hydroxide formulation, packaged in 2.5lb bags making it convenient and cost-effective. The average use rate is 1lb./100 gallons of water, so a bag dissolves into 250 gallons of total solutions and a 4 x 2.5lb case into 1,000 gallons.

For more information about Kalmor Fungicide/Bactericide, please reach out to your Advanced Turf Solutions representative.