I have been getting numerous calls about continuing to seed at this time of the year. Believe me, I understand the pressure a client can put on you to get that seeding done, but right now, it’s risky to do so. Kentucky bluegrass is definitely out of the question at this time. If it germinates, it will not have time to mature enough to make it through the cold of winter. Ryegrass will not be much better, and even tall fescue may not get mature enough to survive. However, there are a couple of options open to you.

The first thing you might consider is to dormant seed. Wait until December, when the ground is too cold to germinate the grass, and then seed the property. Apply a seed cover, like straw, straw blankets, or hydro mulch to provide some protection from erosion. When spring comes, the grass will germinate and provide a surprisingly good cover. Your success with this method is usually much better than a spring seeding, especially if no irrigation is available to the property.

Another idea is to seed right now with an improved annual ryegrass, like Barenbrug SOS 220. This annual grass looks as good as perennial ryegrass, but can germinate in 45 degree soils and get up and covered quickly. Next spring, you will need to overseed with the perennial grass of choice, as this grass will check out when summer temperatures arrive.

Happy seeding!