With February just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about spring. Here are four key items you should consider this spring:

1. Concerns and issues from the prior season to prevent them from recurring this season

2. Selection of pre-emergent this spring with or without fertilizer for turf and landscape beds.

Advanced Turf Solutions has so many options for you to look at and consider and your sales rep can help inform and fit those products to your needs and concerns.

3. Selection of herbicides.

You may want to look at Defendor, from Dow AgroSciences. Defendor is a specialty herbicide for early season control of dandelions, chickweed and other annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, when it’s typically too cold for other herbicides to be effective. It gives lawn care operators, athletic field and golf course superintendents a head start on broadleaf weed control, allowing them more time to complete the first application of the year. Defendor’s low rate of 4 oz. per acre and its tank mix compatibility with liquid fertilizers and other products, such as Dimension 2 EW (for increased control), provides another helpful option to consider this early season.

4. Modifying and/or adjusting your turf and ornamental programs to best service your client’s needs.

Realistically, the start of the 2016 growing season is about 5 to 6 weeks away, and even though some evidence of winter has decided to show up recently, it’s again been pretty mild. This means “you have the time,” that is, the time to sit down with your favorite Advanced Turf Solutions sales representative and get product selected, booked and scheduled for delivery to beat the early season rush. So, don’t wait; “It’s about that time!”