With all of the various types of oils out there, are you sure you are using the right one? Oils were first developed to control mites and insects on fruit trees because the oil was safe to use and effective when applied as a dormant-season application. Thus, many people are only familiar with using dormant oils. However, oils can be used throughout the year for more than just mite and insect control and on more than just fruit trees. As well as mite and insect control, oils can control diseases by preventing spores from adhering to the plants and interfering with viruses hosted by insects.  The key is to use the right oil.

Traditional dormant oils are heavier-weight, less well-refined oils that are unsafe to use on plants after they break dormancy. Even oils that are safe on plants after dormancy may not provide the efficacy of a high-quality “Narrow Range” oil such as TriTek because they don’t stay on the plant as long.

However, the most compelling reason to look at getting an Oil Change is the fact that TriTek won’t separate in the tank like other oils. Looking at the image below, would you rather have your oil in suspension, as shown on the left, or would you rather have it separated, as shown on the right?

If you want to improve the efficacy of your oil applications or to learn more about TriTek, contact your Advanced Turf Solutions sales representative today to schedule your Oil Change.