ArmorTech line provides tebuconazole fungicide to the golf and ornamental markets

Advanced Turf Solutions is proud to announce the introduction of ArmorTech TEB 360, a foliar fungicide containing the active ingredient tebuconazole, to its chemical line up. Traditionally used in the agricultural market, the United Turf Alliance group helps Advanced Turf Solutions bring tebuconazole to professional turf and ornamental managers.

This new systemic fungicide offers rapid plant uptake, which aids in the prevention and control of key turfgrass diseases on golf courses. TEB 360 is also highly effective against ornamental plant diseases. It is labeled for certain landscape ornamental applications.

Suitable for use on both cool and warm-season golf course turf, ArmorTech TEB 360 provides first-class control of anthracnose. In addition, TEB 360 controls brown patch, dollar spot, Fusarium patch, gray leaf spot, gray snow mold, summer patch and other diseases. In ornamentals, TEB 360 is effective against anthracnose, black spot, leaf spots, powdery mildew, rust, scabs and southern blight.

ArmorTech TEB 360 is an excellent fungicide tank mix and rotation partner. Packaged in a 4 x 1-gallon case, TEB 360 contains 3.60 lbs. of tebuconazole per gallon. Applied to golf course turfgrass at the labeled application rate of 0.6 oz per 1000 sq. ft., one gallon economically treats five acres.

ArmorTech TEB 360 is distributed by Advanced Turf Solutions, LLC from 8 warehouse locations that service Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Southern Michigan.