Installing a DuraEdge field usually takes one day to install. The product comes delivered in an end-dump tractor trailer.

The product can be installed using a topdresser to spread the material evenly throughout the field or by using a
tractor to place material throughout the infield.

Once the material is spread throughout the infield, a tractor with a tiller attachment should be used to till to a
depth of three inches in three different directions. Tilling in three different directions to ensure the material
is blended correctly into the existing infield material.

After the material has been tilled, a nail drag can be used to smooth out the material. A screen drag can be used
after the material has been nailed dragged. A laser or grading box is the preferred choice to install a DuraEdge
field but can be done with an educated crew with the right equipment.

After the material has been smoothed out, the infield needs to be rolled preferably with a one-ton vibratory

We strongly encourage that the field be laser graded by a sports turf contractor to ensure proper slope for
surface drainage.

The last step is to add conditioner(s) such as Diamond Pro or Surface.