February 03, 2012 at 1:29 pm

It is with a sense of pride I look forward to this weekend’s Super Bowl. Being a lifelong Hoosier there have been times when I have felt Indianapolis was slighted on the national or international scene. The preparation and implementation by the Super Bowl committee and its many volunteers has insured that this will not be the cases this weekend. The support of the people of central Indiana, including those in our Fishers headquarters, has been tremendous. I was downtown last weekend for the festivities and was impressed by how organized and entertaining Georgia Street was. I was also glad to see the enjoyment, excitement and friendliness displayed by the volunteers and the very fired up crowd.

The event organizers, city officials, and media have created an atmosphere of fun, festival and security that I don’t believe has been matched by a previous Super Bowl. Even our very own Dave Bash has even volunteered to work security at the big game. The investment and work required to be awarded and then host an event of this magnitude was staggering. Skeptics said Indy was not a good enough venue. Listening to officials and Super Bowl veterans who have been in the city for several days now it appears that guests coming in from around the world will have a tremendous time. For people attending in person or just watching Sunday they are going to see a city our headquarters is proud to call home.

“Have a SUPER day” Sunday!

Alex Cannon