Spring golf is not far off in the Midwest.  With every spring comes a flush of seedheads where poa annua is present.  A well-timed plant growth regulator application each spring will reduce poa annua seedhead emergence, improve course appearance, and reduce mowing frequency.

One practice to reduce discoloration and improve efficacy of your seedhead control program is to tank-mix a liquid iron + nitrogen product with your PGR.  Whether you’re tank mixing PGR-113 (trinexapac-ethyl) + Ethephon 2S or using Embark T & O, a quality chelated iron product will provide these benefits at minimal cost.

Our Foliar-Pak Fe 6 Plus Liquid is the perfect nutrient supplement to add to your seedhead control program on greens or fairways.  Fe 6 Plus contains 6% chelated iron, 10% nitrogen, and 2% manganese, which target chlorophyll production.  Fe 6 Plus also contains a non-ionic surfactant to improve leaf coverage and absorption of foliar absorbed products.  The low ph of Fe 6 Plus buffers your tank mixture, which improves plant uptake.  Adding 3 ounces per M (1 gallon per acre) Fe 6 Plus works well in most situations.  Many superintendents that use Fe 6 Plus for the first time see such a nice response that they continue using it in their spray program throughout the season.

Another important aspect of an effective poa annua seedhead control is timing.  A valuable tool for superintendents is the website: www.gddtracker.net.  Log on to view an introduction video, monitor growing degree days for your location, or sign up for email notification to properly time your PGR application.

Another consideration with spring seedhead control is safety to surrounds and rough areas.  This is especially important with Embark overspray on Kentucky Bluegrass.  KY Bluegrass is very sensitive to discoloration, thinning, and setback where your boom goes into surrounds and rough.  Try to avoid taking your boom into areas where KY Bluegrass is present.  Hand watering these areas before Embark dries is one solution to wash off the Embark and avoid injury on KY Bluegrass.

The header photo shows an abundance of poa seedheads in “untreated check”. The surrounding area was treated with Embark tank mixed with Foliar-Pak products.