January 20, 2014 at 3:00 am

The current shortage of ice melting product is a simple issue of supply and demand. We have experienced a number of substantial snow events already this season, and on a national level, deicer inventories are not sufficient to meet demand. At this time, we do have snow and deicing products available and we are working hard to keep our warehouses stocked.

We are asking our ice melt customers to please be patient and plan ahead. We encourage you to keep an inventory of deicing product stored away and reorder before you need it. Use your ATS sales rep to help you come up with the most effective and economical solution to your specific snow and ice situation.  You may need to look beyond granular salt; ATS offers an extensive line of deicing products including liquid options.

Nation-wide, snow and deicing product suppliers are feeling pressure. We are feeling it too, but we have been able to source more product and we are working hard to continue to meet your needs all season. Thank you for your business!


Roy Smith
Advanced Turf Solutions