If you are on a two-year cycle for the dreaded emerald ash borer, is this the year you need to re-treat your ash trees?

Using Emamectin Benzoate insecticide for tree injections provides a two-year control of the emerald ash borer. Brandt enTREE EB is a pre-filled, ready to use application. There is no measuring, no mixing, and no spraying required. One unit is required per 5″ DBH.

Why Emamectin Benzoate?

Research has proven that Emamectin Benzoate is the treatment of choice. It has saved many ash trees from the emerald ash borer even though other chemicals are labeled for this treatment. EB can be injected anytime during the growing season when there is active uptake by the tree (April–September). The ideal window for optimal control and mitigating damage is mid to late spring (mid-April–late June) to target the adult stage and interrupt its ability to reproduce. In Kentucky, we have found that the best time to treat with the quickest uptake is when the ash has fully leafed out. This is also dependent on the health of the tree.

Why Brandt enTREE EB?

  • It’s easy, quick, effective, and economical.
  • No high pressure forced delivery of the product that would potentially damage the tree.
  • No product waste.
  • No direct contact to solutions.
  • No run-off or drift.

It’s very simple to install. You will need a cordless drill, a ¼” or 15/64” high helix drill bit, and I would recommend safety glasses and gloves. No need to seal the hole after treatment as the tree will heal naturally.

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