Are the batter’s boxes on your field showing wear? Do you know how to repair them? Here are instructions to help.

First, use a landscape rake to level the entire plate area. Then add a leveling blade to the rake and use it to remove the conditioner and loose clay from the area. Finish this step by using both a push broom and a standard broom to sweep the batter’s boxes clean. No loose material should be left when you’re done with this step.

The next step is to water the existing clay. You can do this with a garden hose, watering can, sprayer, or spray bottle. 

Add new mound clay to the area and rake it into place. Then use a flat-bladed shovel to chop the new clay into the existing clay. Finish this step by compacting the clay: first lightly with your foot, then using a hand tamp.

Level the compacted clay by raking it in three directions.Then lightly water the area again and use your foot to eliminate any seams left in the clay. 

Lastly, return the conditioner to the area and screen it with a leaf rake. You may need to add conditioner to achieve the recommended ¼-inch depth. Finish by dragging, watering, and repainting the batter’s boxes. 

Follow these instructions regularly to maintain the batter’s boxes and keep your field looking fresh.