March 29, 2016 at 6:52 am

Beginning a seasonal pond maintenance service program before issues appear should be your goal. It has been said, “starting early is key to staying ahead of the game.” That wisdom holds true in many cases and pond management is no exception. Days with an increasing amount of light and rising temperatures into the mid-50’s cue the start of the growing season for weeds and algae in ponds much the same as for terrestrial sites.

Surface water temperatures can change pretty quickly under high skies and mild spring weather, as much as 5-10 degrees in single day. Keep an eye on ponds in your area and watch for the first signs of growth or, even better, track water temperatures to stay in touch with conditions.

Proper application timing of pond colorants and control products is critical to getting the best results for your effort, expense and for your customer. Directing your service start date timing to match the growing conditions rather than just the calendar date enables your treatment program to be started off on the right foot.

Mild spring weather came a little early in Ohio this year and now is the time to get pond colorant applied and take the steps for early season algae control. Black or blue colorants have a shading effect on bottom growth of nuisance plants and algae, which can restrict growth to shallow areas that are easier to reach from shore. It is hard to be too early with colorant applications.

For algae control, clean conditions or light bottom growth stages are best treated with granular copper sulfate-based materials. Granules sink to the bottom and attack algae where it begins growing. Control at this stage is ideal and prevents it from reaching the surface. When mats form and reach the surface, most applicators find liquid algaecide options to be the best course of treatment.

It is good advice to start early, that is, on time. Stay on a regular visit/treatment schedule to maintain adequate color and spot treatment control as needed. Frequent monitoring and light treatments produce more reliable results and customer satisfaction than other options. So, get going with your pond management services, if you have not already started and good luck this season!