June 27, 2016 at 9:51 am

Maintaining baselines that create a smooth and safe surface can be challenging. The photos below outline the process of adding new material to baselines. This leveling process will work on any baseball surface. Keep in mind, if leveling with a board, address all “lips” before grading.

Step 1

Edge the sod to create clean edges (address any “lips” as well). Then, add infield mix to the baselines and, using a 2×4 screed board, level the next material.

Step 2

Till the new material into the existing material. Ideally, the tilling depth is 3-4 inches. In this example, Dura Edge Pro was added/tilled to existing Dura Edge Pro baselines.

Step 3

Re-screed the tilled material.

Step 4

Using a 3 ton dual drum roller, roll the baselines.

Step 5

Add conditioner and drag.

This entire project for both baselines took approximately 3 hours.

Now, the baselines are level and create smooth transitions between the turf and the infield mix.

Download the printable Smart Turf sheet – How to: Add New Mix and Level Baselines

This post originally appeared in the Smart Turf Blog.