May 14, 2015 at 11:07 am

The BASF Holiday Spread Program is an important part of any disease control and plant health program. It features Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide to enhance growth efficiency, provide powerful disease control, and create healthier and higher quality turf that is better able to withstand stress. The program consists of three applications of Pillar G Intrinsic fungicide, applied just prior to the three summer holidays:

1. Memorial Day – May 25, 2015
2. Independence Day – July 4, 2015
3. Labor Day – September 7, 2015

Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide is a granular fungicide combining Trinity and Insignia for disease control and plant health in turfgrass. This combination of two highly effective active ingredients (0.38% pyraclostrobin and 0.43% triticonazole) delivers excellent disease control on numerous disease problems that challenge turf managers today.

Diseases Controlled:
• Anthracnose
• Brown Patch
• Dollar Spot
• Fairy Ring
• Red Thread
• Rust
• Necrotic Ring Spot
• Leaf Spot
• Summer Patch
• Take-All Patch
• Gray Snow Mold
• Pink Snow Mold
• Pythium Blight & others

Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide also offers plant health benefits. Research shows turf treated with Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide provides improved plant health in the form of stress management including drought, moisture, and temperature extremes. In additional, treated turf has also shown increased root length and density.

Pillar, Intrinsic, Insignia and Trinity are registered trademarks of BASF.