June 01, 2016 at 2:34 pm

The heat is on the rise! With temperatures climbing into the 90’s, almost a month early, the stress level on our turfgrass, trees, shrubs, annual and perennial flowers and anything that is green and growing is as well. Signs of stress:

  • Cool-season turfgrass can go dormant, turning from green to brown
  • The leaves of trees may look dead or wilting and branches may droop
  • Flowers may wilt and leaves could turn yellow

A balanced and preventative maintenance program can help reduce and, at times, alleviate unwanted stress. Here at Advanced Turf Solutions, we have a full line of fungicides, wetting agents, and Foliar-Pak nutrients to help reduce stress.

Our stress levels can also rise with the heat, but it’s up to us to help our stress levels. Remember that when our plants stress, we stress!  The heat and industry standards can cause us to get overworked, mentally and physically. So, as the season progresses, please remember to take an extra few minutes every day for yourselves. Whether you ride a bike, take the kids fishing, or paddle a kayak down a local river, take time to leave work at work.

Remember, Keep Calm and Foliar-Pak On!