Hosting a tournament on your golf course is an exciting honor, but it’s also a labor-intensive process from start to finish. In this blog post, we’ll focus on the “finish” aspect and look at helping your course recover from tournament traffic.

USGA offers a few recommendations for post-tournament recovery. From temporarily closing practice greens to limiting how much you mow the greens after a tournament, you may have to ease back into maintenance routines slowly. Other practices like irrigation and fertilization may become more intense in the days following a tournament. ATS offers several products to help with fertilization.

Grow-In is one that has traditionally been used for turfgrass establishment, but it offers significant benefits for traffic recovery as well. With carbon sources that offset abiotic stress, Grow-In is a useful tool for tournament recovery. It also delivers a complete nutrient analysis to correct any deficiencies that may have occurred during tournament play or preparation.

Similarly, Foundation Forty contains amino acids that help stimulate anti-stress compounds. Those compounds reduce the need for recovery nitrogen applications, which can deplete carbohydrate reserves in the plant. Foundation Forty improves energy production and nutrient uptake to position the plant for a strong recovery from tournament traffic.

Don’t let the stress of hosting a tournament ruin your enjoyment of the experience! Your ATS representative is available to help you plan an efficient recovery for your course, incorporating cultural practices and foliar applications.