Glyphosate is by far the most popular herbicide choice for weeds that have already emerged. However, with more and more resistance popping up with glyphosate use, you may want to give diquat a try. Another option is to wait until after green up and use sulfonylureas, like Katana from PBI Gordon or Negate from Quali-Pro. If you choose to use a sulfonylurea, keep in mind these herbicides can move long distances. It may be wise to leave a small buffer around your fairway or tee to prevent the movement into your desirable turf. It’s that time of year again; golf course superintendents with warm-season turf are loading the sprayer for broadleaf and annual weed control. To ensure the applications go smoothly, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Put an adjuvant in the tank. Adjuvants, like Border 2.0 and Chem-stik LpH from Precision Laboratories, will allow you to control the droplet size and drift manage. This will allow your non-selective herbicides to stay on your target species.
  • Tracker dye. Even though your confident in your spray abilities, a tracker dye, like Super Signal Blue from Precision Laboratories, will ensure you don’t miss any areas. The tracker dye also lets your crew and golfers know where you have sprayed, so they won’t drive across these areas and track herbicide into unwanted areas. Tracker dyes will usually dissipate within a week or so.
  • Add pre-emergent herbicide. Think of it as “killing two birds with one stone.” Add your oxidiazon or prodiamine to the tank. Your pre-emergent herbicide won’t break down until microbial activity increases, so take advantage of your tank mix options. Armortech Kade or Quali-Pro Oxidiazon are two great options.

Be very cautious during these applications! Injury, delayed green up, and possibly death could be observed during spring transition if the turfgrass plant is not in full dormancy. If there is any sign of green tissue on the bermudagrass or zoysiagrass, avoid making these applications. Be patient. The cold weather will make it take longer to see herbicide effects on your weeds.

Make sure to talk to your ATS representative for product selection on your dormant, warm-season turf.