Lawn care companies come in many sizes with a wide variety of challenges. Z-Sprays can fix many of these challenges, but, with such a great selection of machines to meet your needs, how do you know which L.T. Rich machine is right for your company? Use this handy guide to help select the perfect Z-Spray.


  • A company that has customers with predominantly small residential lawns (5-7,000 sq. ft.) and several gates, which are used to get in and out of, will want the Junior 36 or the new Junior 36 ZX4.


  • Companies located in the Pennsylvania or Kentucky markets, where the hilly terrain is an issue, will want the Junior 36 or Junior 36 ZX4.

Business Type:

  • Companies with a workload of 70% residential over 7,000 sq. ft. and 30% commercial would find the Intermediate a good choice.
  • Companies with a workload of 80% commercial and 20% residential would find the Z-Max a great choice.

Property Size:

  • If companies are doing properties that are 15-20,000 sq. ft., but are using a lot of liquid products, a Z-Max would be a good choice with the 60-gallon liquid capacity.
  • The Junior would be a smart choice for small and large residential properties. It is 42’ wide and comes with the 75-foot hose reel, dual 15-gallon tanks, and 150 lb hopper.

Hose Reel:

  • The importance of a 75-foot hose reel is an important consideration. If this is a big factor, the Junior 36 and the Junior 36 ZX4 only have a 15 coil hose. The Z-Max, Intermediate, and Junior are equipped with a 75-foot hose reel.


Each machine has different dimensions and dry weight specs:

  • Z-Max – 52 inches wide; 940 lbs – 240,000 (sq. ft. / fill )
  • Intermediate – 46 inches wide; 890 lbs – 120,000 (sq. ft. / fill )
  • Junior – 42 inches wide; 850 lbs – 120,000 (sq. ft. / fill )
  • Junior 36 – 35.5 inches wide; 776 lbs – 96,000 (sq. ft. / fill )
  • Junior 36 ZX4 – 35.5 inches wide; 790 lbs – 96,000 (sq. ft. / fill)