As you budget for 2024, don’t forget about the golf course accessories you’ll need to replace for next season. While these products may not be as exciting as other items in your budget, they are essential for the playability of your course.

Below is a list of the accessories you should consider replacing in the new year.

  • Cups
  • Flagsticks
  • Flags
  • Tee markers
  • Sand bunker rakes
  • Ball washer parts and towels

Cups, flagsticks, and flags are a high priority to replace for next season because they weather so much every year. Flags, in particular, must be replaced annually to maintain the distinct colors that golfers expect. You may be surprised how much the sun can fade a flag, even in just one season.

Tee markers are another essential part of the game that can wear out throughout the season. Inspect the tee markers at your facility to determine if you need an entirely new set for next year. You may only have to replace the ones that are visibly worn.

Sand bunker rakes probably don’t need replacing every year, but you should inspect them regularly to ensure they’re still in good shape. Expect to replace bunker rakes every couple of years as they endure frequent use (and occasional abuse) by golfers.

Ball washer parts sometimes need replacing due to regular wear and tear damage. Freezing and thawing can also damage the parts within the ball washer. Likewise, tee towels are commonly replaced every year due to heavy use and fading.

Golfers may never appreciate or even notice when you replace these accessories on your course, but they will certainly notice (and probably complain) if you don’t. We’re here to help! Contact your sales rep to order the accessories you need for the new year, and ask about our early order program for Standard and Par-Aide products.