February 12, 2015 at 3:53 pm


Pitchers mounds and batter’s box preparation are key in the spring. No baseball field is complete without properly installed batter’s boxes and pitcher’s mound. These areas should be reinforced to handle the constant high impact activity associated with them. Use Pro’s Choice Pro Mound (a unique blue gumbo packing clay) to form a durable, solid subsurface in batter’s boxes and pitcher’s mounds to give players solid footing and alleviate common wear problems. Preferred by coaches and groundskeepers at all levels of the game, the use of packing clay is a valuable addition to every field and reduces maintenance season after season. Pro’sChoice Pro Mound is also available in unfired clay bricks for initial construction of the batter’s boxes and pitcher’s mound subsurface.

Wet conditions in the spring are always a challenge, especially, if you’re in an area that freezes over the winter. This adds even more of a challenge with freezing and heaving on infields that don’t have conditioners. Fields without conditioner have nothing to absorb the moisture. Freezing and thawing constantly change the conditions of the skin. By incorporating Pro’s Choice Select or Pro’s Choice Red into the top 2-3 inches of your skin, you can have more stable conditions and get out on your fields much earlier in the spring. Also, you can top dress with either of these Pro’s Choice products to dry out your field. Stability in your conditioner is critical, especially, in the spring. Under extreme wet conditions your conditioner needs to remain stable and not breakdown. You can ALWAYS count on Pro’s Choice Conditioners to be the most stable and resilient in the industry.