To put together an effective weed control game plan for your landscape bed, you want to know what you’re facing. A few things to consider:

  • Are the weeds grassy, broadleaf, or both? 
  • Are the weeds sedges?
  • Are the weeds annuals? If the answer is yes, are the weeds summer or winter annuals?
  • What type of stone or mulch is being utilized?
  • Do you have plants that are sensitive to applications?

Once you’ve considered and answered the above questions, you need to determine if you can use an “over the top” herbicide or a non-selective to control weeds that already exist. “Over the top” herbicides are materials that can be applied over the planting, which will control the undesired weeds without injuring desired plant material. Read the label to ensure that specific plant material is tolerant when using “over the top” herbicides. 

If you decide to use glyphosate to control your landscape bed weeds, do so in targeted applications. Many additives help glyphosate work better against stubborn or resistant weeds, depending on what you are trying to control.

After you’ve controlled existing weeds, focus on prevention with bed pre-emergents. Whether you’re using liquid or granular applications, make sure to pinpoint if the products work better on top or underneath the mulch. Isoxaben and trifluralin tend to work better under the mulch. Flumioxazin tends to work better when applied on top. 

Do not apply granular pre-emergent when plant leaves are not dry or still below the soil/mulch level. Also, steer clear of letting granules fall into plant whorls (ex: tulips, hostas new emergence). Also, avoid plant foliage when spraying most liquid pre-emergents. Always read the label to ensure plant material is safe for the application of specific active ingredients and any other restrictions.

Timing will be subject to the type of weeds you are trying to control, but a spring and fall pre-emergent application will usually provide excellent results.

Many other factors will determine your success. However, the best results always begin with building and implementing a solid plan. Your Advanced Turf Solutions sales representative can help. Reach out to them for more information on building and implementing a plan and the right landscape bed weed control products for you.