Is your field ready for football season? The day-to-day maintenance for a football field depends on the amount of play, but there are a few maintenance measures that every sports field management team should regularly perform. Follow this checklist to make sure your field is in prime shape from the first game to the last!

Smart Turf Tips for Football Field Maintenance

  1. Examine the field daily. Look for any holes or rough spots in the field, check for any specific high wear or high traffic areas, and inspect irrigation boxes to ensure they are level and their lids are on tight.  
  2. Aerate the field on a regular basis to relieve compaction from the normal wear and tear of games and practices.  
  3. Check the moisture levels. Most fields will have a moisture meter to make it easy to track the levels and adjust the moisture management plan accordingly.  
  4. Mow regularly, depending on the level of play. Some fields may need to be mowed 4 to 5 times a week, whereas other fields may only need to be mowed weekly.
  5. Overseed as necessary to keep up with the levels of play the field experiences.
  6. Test the soil every 1 to 2 years so that your sales rep can build a fertility program for your turf that is targeted toward your specific soil type.

Follow these maintenance guidelines for a field that can withstand the rigors of a busy football season!