March 02, 2016 at 4:39 pm

Over the last several weeks, Foliar-Pak has answered the not so frequently asked questions you should be asking your liquid fertilizer supplier:
1. Where are your products manufactured?
2. What else is manufactured in your facility?
3. What is in your products?

We invite you to join the #FoliarFAQ discussion on Twitter, and we challenge you to learn more about the nutrients in your spray tank.

We continue the #FoliarFAQ series:

What makes you great?

Driven by our passion for innovation and turf research, we have created joint ventures and relationships with some of the most brilliant PhDs in basic-science academia. This allows for an exchange of information between our world of growing turf and their world of science.

Using this diversity and richness of experience and research, and leveraging the decades of combined turfgrass management experience on the Advanced Turf Solutions team, we are able to develop truly unique products from groundbreaking technologies. Because of these technologies, turf managers are able to reduce their inputs—saving money, time, labor, and the planet. We think that makes Foliar-Pak great!