February 24, 2016 at 3:01 pm

What do you really know about the nutrients in your spray tank? Sure, you know the macro and micronutrients and any information provided on the label, but do you know the source of those nutrients? Do you know the quality or grade of the raw materials?

Have you ever asked your sales rep any of these questions? We invite you to join our #FoliarFAQ discussion, and we challenge you to ask!

In case you missed them, the previous questions in our #FoliarFAQ series were:
Where are your products manufactured?
What else is manufactured in your facility?

Next we ask, “What is in your products?” to dig deeper than the label and find out, really, what is in the jug.

The Foliar-Pak brand motto, “More than nutrients, we provide solutions,” is all about the synergy created by the technologies in our products, the service of our expert sales team, and the advantage of having a complete fertility solution. We are more than nutrients, but our nutrients are pretty great too!

What is in your products?

Foliar-Pak products contain quality ingredients including food-grade polysaccharide sugars and molasses, premium cold-pressed seaweed sourced from the coast of Norway, plant-derived L-amino acids, and pharmaceutical grade minerals.

We’re so proud of the ingredients in Foliar-Pak products we put them on the box.

Our standards are high, and every aspect of the product—from the quality and grade of raw ingredients to the actual manufacturing process—undergoes scrutiny.  Our stainless steel mixers are cleaned after every batch to ensure that each new batch has precisely what is stated on the label. “Close enough” is not acceptable for Foliar-Pak.

Whether we’re building precise amino-acid packages or creating an enzyme-extracted humic acid packed with beneficial plant metabolites, we are committed to always sourcing, creating, and manufacturing exceptional products from superior raw ingredients. This adherence to quality creates an unparalleled end-user experience.

Keep asking questions! We’ll be back for more #FoliarFAQ.