April 15, 2016 at 9:19 am

If you’ve been following our #FoliarFAQ series, you already know about some of the exciting new products featuring Armament technology. You may be wondering how these new products fit in your existing fertilizer program.

How Do I Build A Custom Fertility Program?

We created this interactive program worksheet and Foliar-Pak product menu to help you create a fertility program that delivers precisely what your turf needs, when it needs it, and in the best plant-available form.

Before you begin, consider your agronomic objectives for this program. Are there any soil or water issues to consider? Once you have identified your agronomic objectives and considerations, review the Foliar-Pak product menu and work with your ATS rep to select the right products for your specific needs.

To build your fertility program using our interactive form, select one or more products from each category: L-Activator Foundation Amino, L-Activator Amino Minors, Specialty Nutrition, and Armament. To complete this worksheet from a mobile device, you will need to use a PDF reader app.