April 29, 2013 at 3:00 am

Each year in this industry, spring brings something new, unexpected, or even delayed.  By this time last year, we had several fungicide applications already down and most warm season grasses had been mowed several times. This year we are still waiting for things to really take off. Nonetheless, our environment will change quickly and the better prepared we are, the better our season will be.

It’s late-April, and our first wetting agent applications are just around the corner.  Regardless of what wetting agent application you are doing, Foliar-Pak BioSea is a great addition to any wetting agent program. The addition of Foliar-Pak BioSea will increase cell division, photosynthesis, and plant activity during summer stress conditions. This period of cool weather is also a good time to use BioSea to help promote root growth. These are just a few advantages of Foliar-Pak BioSea; for more information please contact your local Advanced Turf Solutions sales representative.  Thanks and have a great spring.