As spring arrives, we need to focus on many things to care for our turf and plants.


Spring seeding is best if done early (3/1-4/1). Applying a professional starter fertilizer, like our 16-28-12 with Foliar-Pak’s Armament ZnB.

Do not forget to apply a late pre-emergent to protect the newer grass from crabgrass and summer annual weeds later in the season.

If salt damage is an issue, use gypsum (Supercal SO4) at the recommended rates.

Spring Fertilization:

Fertilizing in the spring will provide the GREEN and the nutrients the lawn needs. It also helps the turf rebound from the stress of winter and disease.

Snow mold (brown matted areas) should be raked to allow air circulation and promote recovery. Seeding may be needed for some of the thin and bare areas.

Landscape Plants and Beds:

Spring fertilizing will promote plant health and recovery from winter stress. Using a granular Healthy Grow 2-4-3 enhanced with Foliar-Pak’s Armament or 14-14-10) or a liquid (Foliar-Pak Bio 12-6-6, Foliar-Pak Chloroburst L) will provide plants with the nutrients they need. Adding ArmorTech IMD 2SC (Imidacloprid) as a drench, along with Tritek oil foliar spray, will help manage pests.

Do not forget the pre-emergent program for your beds. This is a necessary step and is very profitable as well. We can help guide you through the options (Broadstar, Freehand, Snapshot, Trammel, etc).

Lime and Soil Testing:

You should do a soil analysis if you have not done so in the last couple years. This will paint the picture of whether you need to lime and exactly how much to apply.

The soil analysis will allow you to zero in on the correct fertilizer to be applied as well. We offer soil testing and can guide you every step of the way. Please call your professional at Advanced Turf Solutions for guidance on all of your turf care and landscape needs this spring and throughout the season.