Studies have shown that a late-season application of Ethephon (Bayer’s Proxy), with your snow mold application, will lengthen your initial spring application window for better seedhead suppression. We all watch the growing degree day tracker (GDD Tracker) in the spring, looking for that target date. Every year it always seems to catch up with us quicker than expected. By making a fall application of Proxy, getting out in the spring to control seed head suppression will be much easier and more effective.

As with any snow mold application, Ethephon should be applied after your final mowing of the season. Not only will this elongate your window for your spring application, but it will also improve seed head control and consistency. As we all know, weather can play a factor in getting the timing correct on these crucial spring applications. The main complaint with spring applications of Proxy is inconsistency from year to year. This is due to the short window we have to apply when the GDD tracker says it is time.

Annual bluegrass/poa that comes out of dormancy under regulation has been proven to focus energy to the roots instead of a flush of tissue growth. This will improve the playability for your putting surface in the early months as well as help to handle summer stress. Even with a spray this year, you will still want to apply your usual 2 applications of Proxy in the spring with the addition of trinexapac-ethyl/Primo MAXX. We recommend the following applications for you to best manage seed head suppression this upcoming spring.

Application 1 (After final mowing of the season) Ethephon @ 5 oz/M rate
Application 2 (Traditional Application)

    • Check GDD Tracker
    • Look for the boot stage of the Poa annua plant. You can feel the seedhead down in the sheath of the plant, but cannot see it.
  • Look for the initial sign of forsythia bloom
Ethephon @ 5 oz/M rate
Primo MAXX @ .125 oz/M rate
Application 3 (2-3 weeks later) Ethephon @ 5 oz/M rate
Primo MAXX @ .125 oz/M rate

If you missed the fall application, what should you do? Reference the traditional Proxy program for seedhead suppression, a minimum of two apps in the springtime, typically one month apart (based on the boot stage of Poa Annua plant, the initial sign of forsythia bloom, the growing degree day model, and temperature).

Some superintendents are completing additional applications of Proxy during the growing season. The benefits of continuing Proxy sprays past the seedhead suppression window: overall plant health, growth and clipping reduction, and sustaining consistent green speeds. The Proxy label allows a maximum of 30 ounces per 1000 sq ft per year, six applications at the 5 ounces per 1000 sq ft rate.

Spring snow mold control note: In the unlikely event, you made your app and disease is still present, or you are not able to complete your fall snow mold spray, what can you use on greens? A curative fungicide. A tank mix of Chlorothalonil mixed with Iprodione (ArmorTech CLT 720 + ArmorTech IP 238) works well.

Please contact your ATS sales representatives for further discussion on products, rates, and timing.