Winds of seasonal change are once again in the air, at least in most of our geographies. While we certainly will have several more stretches of summer-like weather in the transition zone, we’re also getting some of those mornings that are refreshingly cool. All cool-season turf managers are starting to take in that cool, fresh morning air and breathe the seasonal sigh of relief for surviving another summer growing season.

With fall officially upon us, let’s take a look at some of the key practices that need attention over the next couple of months:

First things first: it’s EOP Season. With all the supply chain uncertainties and the increasing cost of goods, this fall is definitely the right time to lock in your “staple” products and make sure you’re not left empty-handed just when you need it next spring. EOP savings and rebates come in many different forms. Please consult your ATS representative to help you maximize savings.

Cool-Season Turf Priorities

Fall agronomic practices are already in full swing and will continue for several more weeks. If you haven’t already begun or made plans to do this, go ahead and prioritize areas that need attention. Aeration, fertilization, and seeding are the three most important things we, as turf managers, can do in the fall season to recover that stressed turf. 

Fall fertility is crucial in turf recovery and rejuvenating stressed-out turf. These apps not only make turf “pop” immediately with the cooler and more ideal fall weather, but as we get into late fall, it’s a key component in storing carbohydrates in the plant that will be essential in a good “spring” into next season. Whether it be granular or foliar fertility that fits your operation best, ATS has a broad selection of fertilizers that will fit the bill.

Finally, after all that aeration, seed, and fertilization, these turf areas are looking pretty good, right? The thing that can really take a toll on turf in the fall months is the falling leaves. Stay proactive and diligent with that leaf removal so that all that beautiful turf doesn’t get stifled by piles of leaves. 

Warm-Season Turf Priorities

C4 grasses are starting to wrap up their “growing” seasons in many parts of the transition zone, which means it’s time to get many important applications out. Fungicide applications have and will continue to go down on Bermuda and zoysia turfgrasses. Be diligent and mix up chemistries — several newer options fit into these applications. Pre-emergent herbicides, and even growth regulators for zoysia seedhead suppression come spring, are imperative to get out during the fall. 

And let’s not forget plans to help harden off those C4 grasses going into late fall and winter. High potassium fertilizers do a nice job in helping this process. Please contact your local ATS representative for a consultation about what may best suit your needs in your area.

To close, let’s not “fall’ into a premature slumber with those refreshingly nice days we’re entering. There’s still plenty to do this fall to make that plot of turf you manage the best it can be not only this fall but entering into next spring as well.