October 07, 2013 at 3:00 am

This year we have seen huge variations in weather from a very wet spring and early summer, to a dry late summer and early fall. Even though it dried up late summer, diseases really got rolling early with all that rain, including bacterial diseases such as fire blight.

Fire Blight (Erwinia amylovora)

Let’s not forget our insects too. Scale has continued to be a problem for at least the last 5 years, and other pests like aphids and mites found their time in the sun as well. All of these pests are getting ready to overwinter and come out next season.

Calico Scale (Eulecanium cerasorum)

We can put a dent in that overwintering of disease and insects with a great fall clean up application of a fungicide and insecticide. Two perfect products for this are Nordox 75 WDG copper fungicide, and TriTek Spray Oil Emulsion. Copper is broad-spectrum and controls bacterial as well as fungal diseases. The TriTek will help smother overwintering insects, and aid in fungus control. Another benefit is that they are both OMRI approved organic products, allowing you to apply to anything in someone’s yard, including fruit trees.

Start applying as leaves are turning and getting ready to drop. Keep going until it gets too cold to risk pump freezing. This will give you a leg up next spring for disease and pest management.

Happy Fall!