Fall ends most baseball and softball seasons, but not infield maintenance. One maintenance practice that should be taken care of in the fall (and regularly throughout the season) is infield edging. Edging in the fall is essential for several reasons. Here’s why and how to edge the infield.

Why edge the infield in the fall?


Over time, the edges of the infield can become uneven and jagged, posing safety risks to players. Uneven edges can lead to trips, twisted ankles, and other injuries. Edging ensures a smooth and safe playing surface.


A well-edged infield provides a neater and more professional appearance. It also contributes to consistent ball rolls and bounces, ensuring a fair and enjoyable game.

Prevents overgrowth

Edging during fall helps prevent grass and vegetation from encroaching onto the infield, ensuring a clearly defined playing area for the next season.

How to edge the infield

Substantial amounts of turf may be extracted when edging in the fall post-season. So, proper planning, like measuring your edges, must be considered. Follow the steps below to measure your edges. 

  • Baselines. Stretch out the string you would lay for your foul line and measure each edge off the line. Create a simple drawing. The measurement varies.
  • Infield. Put all three bases in the anchors. Measure from the base’s back corner to the infield’s front edge. The measurement is typically 3 feet.
  • Base cutouts. With a 100-foot tape, measure from the anchor to the turf edge. The measurement usually is 15 feet.
  • Back arc. With the same 100-foot tape, measure from the front of the pitcher’s rubber to the back arc. The measurement is typically 95 feet.
  • The warning track. Measure off the wall/chain link fence.

Following the measurements, edge the surface. Using a tool like a blade edger or hand-pushed sod cutter, carefully cut along the measured edge, removing excess grass and soil. Follow the line precisely, creating a clean and defined edge. After the edging is done, take the field back to in-season dimensions.