Fall is the perfect time to sell your customers on dethatching and overseeding services. A tool like the SG Rake attachment can help you complete those services efficiently.

For cool-season lawns, early fall is a good time to dethatch because the grass is typically not stressed. Dethatching is naturally stressful to grass, so it’s a good idea to time it for otherwise low-stress conditions. Fall is also ideal for overseeding cool-season lawns. The cool, moist conditions of the season help promote seed germination and give the plant time to strengthen its roots before stressful summer conditions come back around.

To help you provide these add-on services to your customers, the SG Rake attachment can transform your spreader/sprayer into a dethatcher and seeding rake. The SG Rake has individually removable tines, making it easily customizable to the needs of your project.

An attachment makes dethatching an efficient project for your crew to sell and complete. It also reduces labor hours for seeding projects by allowing operators to prepare the soil and spread seed in just one pass. The adjustable down pressure on the SG Rake makes it versatile to go from dethatching to overseeding— and even to seeding a new lawn.

Contact your ATS representative with any questions about fall dethatching, seeding, or the SG Rake.