A backpack mist blower is a must-have when treating foliage for mosquitoes, and lawn care professionals can cut down on excess noise and up the ante on distance—25 feet’s worth—with the FlowZone Vortex.


The Vortex is compatible with plenty of chemicals and chemical mixtures. Before filling the tank, be sure to check your chemical product’s label to ensure that it’s safe to use in a mist blower. Remember to never spray petroleum oil distillates or acetone through a mist blower.

What Sets the Vortex Apart

For starters, the Vortex is battery-powered. A 40-volt lithium-ion battery comes standard, giving you 50 minutes of continuous spray time in its EcoMode setting and quick charging capabilities.

If you’ll be operating on sizeable areas and for extended time periods, you can get extra batteries so you can just swap them out and keep going in seconds.

Speaking of covering large areas, a 2.5-gallon removable tank comes standard—not small by any means—but a four-gallon tank is available too, so you can handle those tough-to-tackle properties without having to take too many breaks.

While gas-powered options may have cheaper upfront costs, think about it: A gas-powered blower is certainly going to be effective, but it’s not going to be as efficient or cost-effective as a battery-powered option like the Vortex.

Walking back to your vehicle to fill up takes time, and gas costs are variable. An experiment by HowToGeek showed that a fully depleted 40V lithium-ion battery cost a whopping $0.03 to fully charge. Of course, energy costs vary by state and region, but so do gas prices. AAA’s national average gas price estimate hovers around $3.09 as of January 3, 2024, so it’s more than possible to get over 100 charges for the cost of one gallon of gasoline. That’s 83 hours of spray time on EcoMode!

Gas-powered blowers are also loud and will leave the property—and you—smelling like gasoline. Speaking of sound, the Vortex is rated at 70 decibels, which is about as loud as a dishwasher, so while it does make noise, it’s not going to upset your customers or any residents in the vicinity. Compared to the 80-90 decibels (85 decibels is equivalent to the sound produced by a subway train and can cause hearing loss after two hours) produced by a gas-powered blower, the Vortex will be easier on your ears and let you apply in the early morning and late evening without disturbing the peace.

Specs and Features

  • A 25-foot range provides easy application on hard-to-reach and/or tall foliage.
  • Air volume comes out to a reasonable 400CFM at 145MPH. 
  • The Vortex weighs 39 pounds when fully loaded and 19 when empty. Plus, it comes equipped with ComfortStraps™ to ensure a snug fit.
  • The 40-volt lithium-ion battery allows 50 minutes of continuous spray time in EcoMode.
  • A 2.5-gallon tank comes standard, with a four-gallon tank available for professionals who need additional capacity.
  • Ease of use is important, and the Vortex features a trigger lock and adjustable trigger positioning for covering large areas.

Choosing the right product requires a lot of planning and a careful analysis of needs. When it comes to battery-powered vs. gas-powered mist blowers, the Vortex offers a quieter, more efficient solution to your application needs. Plus, with minimal maintenance requirements, the FlowZone Vortex is an easy-to-operate, cost-effective solution. To learn more about and order the Vortex, contact your ATS rep.