Getting your athletic field ready for the season? Don’t forget to pick up these essential products and tools.

Pro’s Choice Red Conditioner

Designed to meet the challenges of wet, dry, or compacted infields, this unique durable granule helps create passageways for drainage and eliminates compaction for truer bounces and safer play. 

Turface Professional Mound Clay Red

Premier clay featuring high density for superior durability and unmatched wear resistance. It also offers easy pliability and shaping on mounds or around home plate.

Line Marking Chalk

Made from calcium carbonate, line marking chalk is safe for players, equipment and turf. For quantity needed, follow this simple rule of thumb: one 50 lb. bag of chalk will stripe approximately 300′ L x 2″ at x 1/16″ D line.   

Pre-emergent with Dimension

Advanced Turf has a variety of fertilizer options, both liquid and granular, that contain Dimension. With impregnated fertilizers, a product can also be chosen based on nutrient needs.

36” Landscape Rake

Field/aggregate rake with 66″ blue aluminum powder coated handle. Turn it over for an extra-long smoothing edge.



8″ x 8″ tamp with cast iron head and 44″ hardwood handle.

Stiff Drag



stiff drag


Heavy-duty, nonflexible drag used for standard everyday infield maintenance. Can be pulled by hand or with a machine. The drag has a wood board bottom and the standard size is 6’ wide by 18” depth.

Mound/Plate Tarps

Mound/plate tarps prevent rain events from saturating clay and allow for existing clay moisture to be retained. They come in 14 or 18 oz vinyl and 14 different colors. Standard and custom sizes are available.

Scoop Shovels

Poly grain scoop with 29″ yellow fiberglass handle and poly D-grip.

Linemark iGo Midi


The next-generation line marking machine for a range of playing and recreational surfaces, both natural and synthetic. The machine is easy to set up, operate, and clean after use. The iGO Midi features an innovative twin probe paint circulatory system of internal paint dispersion. It is compact, lightweight, easily portable, and highly maneuverable without compromising power. It’s 20 amp power unit offers 5 hours of constant spraying. 

Impact XP Marking Paint

bottle of Impact XP

Environmentally friendly, ready-to-use paint with no mixing required for playing fields and sports courts. The paint is developed for the iGO machines and can be applied with cone as well as flat fan nozzles. It allows you to over-mark a standard-sized football pitch from as little as one liter of paint. The XP is the brightest and longest-lasting of the Impact line. White color only.