When you own a turf management business, finding ways to have a competitive advantage is at the forefront of your mind. One strategy is to employ the use of ride-on sprayer-spreaders, as they offer several benefits to your business. Not only can you treat larger areas in a shorter amount of time, but you can apply products consistently and save money by reducing chemical and fertilizer waste. However, to experience the advantages of a ride-on sprayer-spreader for your business, it is essential to calibrate.

Why should you calibrate? First, you will save money because calibrating the machine correctly will improve product performance and labor productivity. Secondly, you will practice good stewardship of resources and will be able to correctly determine that you are applying the product according to the label’s directions. Additionally, good recordkeeping and accurate calibration can assist with any potential claims or investigations.

In the video below, Steel Green Manufacturing demonstrates how to calibrate your sprayer. The video features an SG46 but, you can use this information to calibrate any model of ride-on sprayer-spreader.

Before you begin calibrating, here is a list of suggested supplies you will need.

  • Bucket of Clean Water
  • Toothbrush
  • Measuring Pitcher
  • Open Reel Measuring Tape
  • Flags or Empty Buckets or Other Items for Marking Distance
  • Personal Protective Equipment Like Latex Gloves and Safety Glasses

Watch the video Steel Green Calibration for step-by-step instructions to properly calibrate your machine so it’s ready for the year’s applications.

To learn more about Steel Green Manufacturing and its line of equipment visit their website.