First and foremost, I would say I’m not an expert. So, I rely on the recommendations of the experts at ATS, like Brian French, who I owe a lot to for our fields and the condition they are in at only two years old. Second, we only cut the infields with a push mower 2x a week and have irrigation that runs daily. We mow at level 2 for play and level 3 for nonplay times. I edge once a week and use a RYOBI backpack blower after every mow and after every use to blow out any field dirt from the grass. We also rake, broom, and blow after every practice and game. In addition, we assign multiple players to walk and pick up any thick chunks from then infield.

It’s important to edge and measure using baseline string once a month to ensure straight lines on the infield edges. I would also recommend contracting out a professional ATS laser level one to two times a year. We have a BSN purchased drag, leveler, and broom that we use after every use as well. Keeping tarps on 100% of the time during nonuse has been a must to keep the edges around our mound and home plate areas perfect as well as keeping them perfect for use during practice and games with ideal hydration and performance.

Mike Weaver, Head Coach
Olentangy Berlin Varsity Baseball