As summer sets in and the temperature starts to heat up, many lawns will start to show the signs of summer stress. But just because things are starting to heat up, don’t let your lawn miss a meal. As with any living thing, the healthier your lawn is going into a stressful period, the better it can handle the stress. A well timed late spring or early summer fertilization will help your lawn stay healthy through this stressful time.

One of the products I recommend for my granular customers is the ATS 16-0-4, 100% RxN, w/0.1 DDP Fe. The RxN, the latest in nitrogen stabilizer technology, is a specially designed calcium polymer that keeps nitrogen in the ammoniacal form. This reduces the amount of nitrogen that is typically lost to volatilization. With its 100% RxN, this product is ideally suited for these warmer temperatures. Another nice feature of this product is the DDP Iron. Typically, fertilizers with iron have separate granules containing the iron. The DDP iron is coated onto every granule. This gives a better distribution of the nutrient and allows for better uptake into the turf.

Other great granular products to use during this time of year include Nature’s Safe 10-2-8 and Holganix 10-1-2 w/50% NU. Please contact your ATS rep to find out what products work best with your program.