June 03, 2013 at 3:00 am

What a slow start to 2013. Spring seems to be dragging out week after week. With below average temperatures in May and into the first part of June, turf managers are presented with an opportunity that we have not had for quite a few years.

With the heat and the drought conditions over the past three growing seasons, foliar fertilizers have been a huge part of most fertility programs. That is a great approach for spoon-feeding your grass plants. However, one negative is that we are depleting the soil of valuable nutrients because of the lack of granular fertilizers. With the cool spring we have experienced so far in 2013, this is a great opportunity to get an extra granular fertilizer application on the turf.

As we all know a healthy growing medium will produce a healthy turf grass plant.  There are a lot of great technologies out there in granular fertilizer, many of which melt down quickly and get into the soil structure. Fertilizing in late June will also get your turf stronger for the summer stress that lies ahead.  Let’s not miss this opportunity to take care of our soils.